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The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hearing Improvement

Have you ever caught yourself saying “what” or “huh” when speaking with friends and family? Has anyone ever mentioned that the television or the music was too loud? Or maybe you or your loved ones have experienced frustrating miscommunications about instructions and plans. 

There are more than 450 million people with hearing loss globally and that number is expected to grow to over 900 million by the year 2050 according to the World Health Organization

Hearing loss isn’t just an inconvenience, it greatly affects your ability to socialize with friends, maintain relationships and stay active. It can also be detrimental to your physical, mental and economic well being. Researchers are finding associations between hearing loss and a list of comorbidities ranging from cardiovascular disease to depression and dementia.

Although there is no cure for hearing loss, there are several solutions on the market to help treat hearing loss. These solutions range from tools to that help remove ear wax to hearing aids and more invasive procedures like cochlear implants and surgeries. Some of these solutions require a trip to a hearing health specialist and can be quite expensive. 

However, there are several natural things that you can do at home that may be helpful in improving your hearing naturally. You may be able to maintain and improve your hearing naturally by making small, but impactful lifestyle changes. 


1. Improve Your Hearing Naturally With These Vitamins and Minerals

There is a growing body of evidence that several vitamins and minerals have been associated with an improvement in ear function and hearing. There have been reports that people have not only been able to improve their hearing naturally, but that it has also helped with a condition known as tinnitus, which can be debilitating, and can rob you of the joy of life.

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Magnesium to Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Magnesium has been known to aid healthy nerve function in the auditory system and helps prevent damage to the inner lining of your arteries.

Zinc to Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Zinc supports your body’s immune system, helping prevent ear infections that can cause short-term and long-term hearing loss and tinnitus. Zinc can also help protect the hair cells in the cochlea. Hair cells are responsible for receiving sound waves from our environment and transmitting them to the brain where it is interpreted as sound. 

Folic Acid to Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Folic acid helps promote and support circulation to your ears and auditory system. Blood flow and oxygen are critical in maintaining healthy hair cells responsible for hearing.

B Vitamins to Improve Your Hearing Naturally

You may already know about some of the benefits of B vitamins, but they may also provide benefits for your auditory system. B vitamins can help with oxygen circulation and fluid regulation. 

2. Exercise to Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Your brain is the ultimate processor. Our ears and auditory system help receive, convert and transmit signals to your brain so they can be interpreted and recognized as meaningful sound. Exercises that strengthen your brain function may help you communicate and comprehend language easier.

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3. Use Auditory Training and Sound Therapies

Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) 

Just as physical therapy can help rebuild muscles and adjust movements to compensate for physical weakness or injury, LACE can help you develop skills and learn strategies for dealing with situations when hearing is inadequate. LACE is an interactive computerized training program that’s self-paced, individualized and can be completed at home. It improves listening and communication skills by involving patients in the hearing-aid fitting process, building confidence and providing effective listening strategies.

AudioCardio – Threshold Sound Conditioning 

AudioCardio is data and science backed mobile app that utilizes proprietary Threshold Sound Conditioning technology to deliver personalized “silent and barely audible” sound therapies designed to maintain and strengthen your hearing. More than 75% of participants in a Stanford study showed a significant impact on hearing.

4. Remove Excess Earwax to Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Ear wax is good for you. It’s a natural defense mechanism that protects the inside of your ear from foreign particles, bacteria and infection. However, excess ear wax can cause hearing loss, tinnitus and discomfort. Visit your hearing health professional if you suspect blockage. They have specialized devices to remove the excess ear wax build up. You should never attempt to remove excess ear wax yourself as it may cause further discomfort or damage.

5. Don’t Smoke

Research indicates that smoking can more than double your risk of hearing loss. As mentioned previously, blood flow and oxygen are critical for health hearing function. Blood flow and oxygen are negatively affected by nicotine and carbon monoxide. Nicotine has been known to cause tinnitus and some experts believe it may interfere with the neurotransmission of the signals from our auditory system to our brain.

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