How To Use AudioCardio

Follow the steps below to learn how to use AudioCardio to better manage your hearring health and improve your quality of life.

Download our User Guide for more detailed information.

Watch the AudioCardio to learn how to set up and use the AudioCardio app by watching the video or following the directions below.

Note: For English subtitles, please click on the CC button in the video player.

Take Assessment

Connect your headphones or hearing aids to your smartphone or tablet. Find the quietest room available, away from large appliances and other ambient noises.

  • If your hardware volume is not set properly, you will receive an in app notification to “auto set” the volume. Select “auto set” if you receive this notification.
  • On the next screen, a sound that changes in pitch and intensity will play. Select “yes” if you can hear it and “no” if you cannot without changing the volume of your device.
  • Adjust the volume slider on the screen to the just inaudible level (the first dBr level you cannot hear the tone being played) and set it there using the slider or volume buttons on the screen. The just inaudible level is right below the last volume level at which you could hear the sound being played.
  • Use the same headphones or hearing aids for your assessments and sound therapies. You must retake your assessment anytime you change headphones or smart devices to ensure that your personalized sound therapies are set properly.
  • Retake your assessment once per week AND any time you start to hear your inaudible sound therapy to adjust it to your new hearing levels as you continue to make progress.

Start Your Sound Therapy

After completing the assessment, select the “Start Sound Therapy” button to start your session. You will hear a voice prompt letting you know your sound therapy has been activated since it will be playing at the just inaudible level. As a reminder, retake your sound therapy anytime you can hear it.

  • Clinical studies show significant positive results when the sound therapy is used for 1 hour per day for more than three weeks.
  • You do not need to “actively” listen to receive the benefits.
  • Your sound therapy runs passively in the background while you engage in other activities like exercising, working and falling asleep.

Retake Assessment

Retake your hearing assessment any time you can hear your sound therapy and a minimum of once a week, even if you cannot hear it.

Your hearing has positively changed if you start to hear your inaudible sound therapy. It’s time to retake your assessment.

  • Assessments must be conducted with headphones or hearing aids.
  • Always take assessments in the quietest location available.
  • Be sure to find the just inaudible level (right where the sound disappears) and set it there for each frequency range to ensure proper configuration.

Track Progress

Track your progress by selecting the progress tab at the bottom of the app.

  • Manage and monitor your progress in real time.
  • Identify which frequency ranges are damaged.
  • Review past hearing scores and metrics.
  • View calendar and usage stats.
AudioCardio Music Player

Optional: Connect Music

Connect to different streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

  • Select the music note icon at the bottom of the app and click on “Connect Music” for the service provider you would like to use.
  • Sign in to your preferred music streaming service to import your playlists and songs into the AudioCardio app.
  • Some streaming services require a paid subscription to connect to the AudioCardio app.
  • You may also start your inaudible sound therapy session and open your favorite streaming service to play music, podcasts, and audiobooks simultaneously without interrupting your experience.