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Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

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Evidence-Based Benefits of
Threshold Sound Conditioning™

Our hearing is perhaps the most precious sense of all. It allows us to socialize, work and communicate with colleagues, friends and family. Losing your hearing means losing your ability to interact and connect with the world around us.


There are numerous clinical studies showing evidence that using sound therapies can positively impact your hearing health.

Sound therapies have been used to manage and cope with tinnitus, listening skills, sharpen communication skills, auditory processing, and maintain sound sensitivity…

While the research on sound therapies is still growing, there is evidence to support the use of sound therapies and training for many outcomes related to hearing and cognition.

How It Works

We like to think of our sound therapy as physical therapy for your hearing.

Through your personalized sound therapy sessions, you can stimulate the damaged hair cells inside your ears to help promote and support the sending of the signals to the brain.
By repeatedly stimulating these cells, AudioCardio hopes to help generate enough consistent stimulation at precise levels to “activate” them and allow the brain to rewire itself to better transmit the electrical signals. Most importantly, the transmission of electrical signals means there is a possibility to change your brain’s ability to recognize familiar sounds once again.

We’re committed to making hearing health and wellness accessible to all who stand to benefit by providing education, guidance, and support.