Our Technology Has Been Clinically Proven With:

How It Works

Our patented and clinically proven Threshold Sound Conditioning™ technology generates personalized audio therapies to help stimulate and strengthen your cells. AudioCardio™ quickly assesses your hearing and delivers a once a day, one hour hearing therapy for your ears.

1. Our hearing works by processing sound waves traveling through the air.

2. These frequencies are then sent as nerve signals to the brain. The brain recognizes these signals as sounds.

3. TSC™ technology detects the key frequencies that have lost sensitivity (commonly due to noise exposure and aging) and exercises them with
personalized sound signals.



I pride myself on having accurate ears as from a long time, my ears paid my bills. While I am not a practicing sound engineer these days, I still value my hearing to no end! I love the app!! Logically, I know this works but after putting to the test, it really did work.

Steve, Sound Engineer

As a former AF and commercial pilot I’ve been exposed to loud planes my whole life. This app has really helped me with strengthening my ears in the higher frequencies and have noticed that I can pick up on sounds that I use to not be able to.

Jim, Retired Airforce Pilot

I noticed it was difficult to hold conversations with family and friends as my hearing has diminished over the years. I found this app from a friend, and it has helped my hearing ability and to hold conversations. You just have to be patient with it!!!


Sound Therapy



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