How Long Does a Hearing Aid Last on Average?

If you’re considering getting a hearing aid, there are lots of different things you’ll need to think about. Having a hearing aid fitted is a big decision and one you won’t want to take lightly.

You might have questions like: Is now the right time? What kind of hearing aid do I want? How long does a hearing aid last?

To address the last question, the lifespan of a hearing aid will depend on a few things. Because of this, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at what the answer entails. Read on to learn more about the typical hearing aid lifespan and the things that can affect it.


Different Hearing Aid Options

Before we look at how long a hearing aid will last, it’s necessary to understand that there are different types of hearing aids out there. Each type has different characteristics and features.

First, there’s the matter of digital vs. analog hearing aids. Analog hearing aids were more common in the past. They worked by picking up sounds and amplifying them in the ear.

Digital hearing aids, on the other hand, work a little differently. A digital hearing aid receives the sound waves, converts them into digital information, and then sends it to the ear. Under the umbrella of digital hearing aids, there are further subcategories of the varying fit and size.


How Long Does a Hearing Aid Last?

Since purchasing a hearing aid is a big investment, you’ll surely want to know how much time is needed before having to replace it. Though this will vary from model to model as well as depend on how well it’s looked after, a hearing aid will last on average 5 to 7 years. There are a few reasons for this wide range.

The first is that the technology in hearing aids is advancing at a rapid pace. Because of this, if you’re not regularly updating your model, you won’t be getting the best possible out of your product. In other words, think of your hearing aid as if it were a cell phone. We’re constantly updating our devices to the newest version and every year there is a newer and better model. Hearing aids deserve the same amount of care put into cell phones, if not more.

In addition, through constant use and general wear and tear, replacement does eventually become necessary. The life span can vary by size and type. In-the-ear hearing aids tend to last around five years, while behind-the-ear hearing aids have a five to eight-year lifespan.

Though there are some ways you can slightly extend the lifespan, making sure to handle it with care and to clean it on a daily basis are both recommended best practices for hearing aid upkeep.


Begin Your Journey Toward Healthy Hearing Today

We hope this has shed some light on the question How long does a hearing aid last? A hearing aid can be life-changing to a person with hearing difficulties, though it should be known that it does require regular replacement. In addition, you should be doing everything you can to take care of your hearing.

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