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9 Benefits of Digital Hearing Aids

If you are one of the many Americans who experience hearing loss and are using an analog hearing aid, it might be time for you to switch over to digital hearing aids. Read on to learn 9 ways to improve your hearing experience by making the switch.


Analog vs. Digital

Analog hearing aids process incoming sounds in a very simple way: the sound is picked up by a microphone, amplified, and sent to your ear.

Digital hearing aids add an extra step to that process. The digital hearing aid processes the sound waves and converts them into digital information before it is sent to the ear. There are many benefits to adding this extra step, nine of which are included below.


1. Improved Sound Quality

While analog hearing aids can increase the level of sound that you can hear, it might not always sound very crisp. You may have noticed that when listening to music on your phone’s speaker compared to headphones, the quality of the sound can drastically change the listening experience. The same can be said for analog hearing aids versus digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids offer a much cleaner sound.


2. Reduces Feedback

Does your analog hearing aid sometimes emit a high-pitched screeching sound? Digital hearing aids can filter out the sound of feedback and choose not to amplify it.


3. Directional Microphones

Digital hearing aids often have directional microphones, rather than the fixed microphones that are used by their analog counterparts. They are able to pick up sound from a chosen direction, giving the wearer more control over what they want to hear.


4. Selectively Amplifies Sounds

While analog hearing aids amplify all sounds equally, the computer in a digital hearing aid is able to select which sound is most relevant to the wearer. This commonly allows for easier listening with reduced background noise.


5. Automatically Adjusts the Volume to the Environment

As you enter quieter and louder environments throughout the day, a digital hearing aid will adjust with you to ensure comfortable listening in any situation.


6. Integration with Other Technology

Many digital hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology so they can integrate with your phone for seamless phone calls and music listening. Here is also a list of the best Bluetooth hearing aids.


7. Small Size

Digital hearing aids are usually much smaller than analog hearing aids, which allows for much more comfort for the wearer and gives a discreet look.


8. Wide Price Range

While they are more pricey than analog hearing aids, digital hearing aids come in at many different price points, anywhere from $900-$3500 or more per ear.


9. Designs and Colors

Customize your look with the design and color that suits you best! Digital hearing aids have more and more styles by the year.


Are Digital Hearing Aids Right for You?

What do you think? Are the benefits of digital hearing aids worth the increased cost? Click here to learn more about your options for hearing aids.

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