Communicator Face Mask Resources

the communicator facemask with clear window
Credit: Safe 'N' CLear

A new challenge arises as the world faces the coronavirus pandemic – communication barriers due to face masks. The hearing impaired and deaf communities rely heavily on lip reading to communicate. There is a great need for clear masks and we’ve been searching the web to provide you with a list of resources for DIY and already made communicator face masks. We’re glad to see that more and more local businesses, such as costume stitchers have been working hard to make these transparent masks. We’ve compiled a list of communicator face masks below and we will be updating this list as more resources become available.

If one of the below solutions isn’t an option for you, try contacting your local tailor shop and see if they can customize one just for you!



Communicator Face Mask
Woodland Hospice Nurse, Sarah Bloomfield,
has shared her pattern so others can have access to clear masks.

Accessible, Deaf-Friendly Face Mask
The Hearing, Speech, and Deaf Center has shared their step-by-step guide
on how to make deaf-friendly masks.

DHH Mask Project
A project run by Ashley Lawrence, a university student majoring in deaf education,
makes clear masks for those in need.



Talking Masks
No charge for the masks, only a shipping cost.
Isabella Appell
Send Requests to:
*Donations and supplies are welcomed

Ashley Lawrence
(DHH Mask Project)
Send Requests to:
*Donations and supplies are welcomed

The Como Foundation
A charitable division of Como Construction Inc.,
focusing their efforts on PPE production.
Send Requests to:
*Donations and supplies are welcomed

Safe ‘N’ Clear
FDA-registered communicator surgical masks.

Rapid Response PPE
Face shields and droplet masks.

Not My Circus Co
See-through masks sold on Etsy by Gypsy Lovett

Austin Mask Exchange
Purchase your clear mask to support families, creators, and small businesses in the Austin community. If you cannot afford a mask or cannot find a mask that meets your needs you can request one for free.

The Hearing Spot
Different style of masks with clear panels.

The ClearMask



COVID-19 English (Source: Mass Gov)

Communication Aid Cards (Source: Swedish)

Please feel free to email us if you know of any other resources we could add to our list.

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