Audiologist Share Their Best Ear Care Tips

We often ignore and avoid dealing with ear problems when we first notice them. However, we shouldn’t delay seeking care as they may become a more serious cause of concern in the future. Anyone starting to notice a change in their hearing should seek the advice of a medical professional immediately. Early intervention can be very beneficial and may save you from more serious ear-related trouble. You may be surprised to know that your left and right ear have different listening capabilities. Your left ear responds better to  music and emotion while your right year performs better when recognizing speech and logic. Read this post to gain insights about how to keep your ears safe and protected so that you can better manage your hearing health now and for years to come.

How to Clean Your Ears

All you need is a simple warm washcloth to clean your outer ear. You may be surprised to know that your ears have a built-in cleaning mechanism that works very efficiently for the most part. Creating disturbances by inserting foreign objects in them may cause temporary or even permanent damage. However, if your ears feel clogged or painful, the best option would be to consult a medical professional to help diagnose your condition and follow their subsequent ear treatment plan.

Avoid Inserting Cotton Swabs

It is always advised not to insert anything into your ears without any expert consultation and guidance. Small objects like cotton swabs and anything else that can fit in your ear canal can harm it and become a cause for several types of infections. Ear wax acts as a protective mechanism to keep our dirt and other debris from your middle and inner ear. Cotton swabs may push this ear wax deeper into your ear canal, potentially causing blockages and other issues of the ear. If you suspect a blockage or even the slightest ear problem, you should immediately consult a medical professional and get advice on what methods to use as a hearing treatment.

Use Sound Therapies Like AudioCardio

AudioCardio is an innovative  mobile app based on threshold sound conditioning (TSC) technology that enables you to check your hearing capacity on a regular basis and generate a personalized and inaudible sound therapy for your ears. It is an easy to use app that has been known to strengthen hearing and provide tinnitus relief  by providing personalized  sound therapies. You can think of it as physical therapy for your hearing.  It checks your hearing capacity, calibrates your personalized sound therapies, and keeps track of your progress. The best part of this innovative solution is that you can attempt to strengthen hearing while listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and while performing other daily activities simultaneously. Although the app does not provide a medical hearing test, the app establishes baseline scores so that you can manage and monitor your progress as you use it. AudioCardio is free to try and has monthly, semi-annual and annual subscription packages.

Allow Your Ears to Rest

Most of the younger individuals with hearing loss can attribute it to exposure to loud noises and music for too long. This is commonly due to the lack of education and awareness of safe listening levels and the importance of our hearing health. Audiologists suggest that your ears require 16 hours of tranquility after any exposure to loud noise, a night at a concert, or any loud event or function. Just like any other part of your body, your ears also require proper rest and care to recover to their normal conditions and abilities. It is advisable to make a habit to sit in a tranquil and quiet place for 10 to 15 minutes daily to relieve your ears of the noise that they are constantly receiving and processing. You can choose to sit in a garden or at any open space that has little to no ambient noise and allow your ears to rest and recover. Sitting in a quiet environment is one of the simplest hearing exercises that you can do to help relieve your ears and hearing.

Keep Your Ears Dry

It’s a basic fact that bacteria and fungus develop more often in a moisture rich environment. Hence, you should try keeping your ears dry to avoid creating optimal environments that will allow for bacteria to penetrate and grow. Take proper care of your ears while swimming, showering, and any other activities where water can enter the ear. Any moisture inside your ears invites micro-organisms to develop and can start harming your ears thereafter.

Get Your Hearing Tested

You can ask your family doctor to include ear and hearing assessments as part of your regular checkup. If they don’t have the proper equipment, try consulting an audiologist or ENT to get an accurate assessment of your ear and hearing health. We often fail to recognize and understand minor problems in our ears as they occur and that can lead to more devastating issues in the future. Detecting issues and interventions earlier in the condition will help allow for more hearing treatment options.

Think of a situation or simply imagine what your life would have been without sound. Your ears and hearing are an indispensable part and function of your body.

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