How To Use

Follow the steps below to learn how to use AudioCardio. Download our User Guide for more detailed information.

Take Assessment

Connect your headphones and always take your assessment in a quiet room, away from ambient noises. Take your assessment any time the sound therapy becomes noticeable or once a week, whichever comes first.

  • Set your hardware volume to 60% by clicking “Auto Set” (if not already set)
  • Adjust the volume slider on the screen to the barely audible level using the slider or the ( + button) or ( - button)
  • Use the same headphones for your assessments and sound therapies

Start Your Sound Therapy

After completing the assessment, simply select the “Start Sound Therapy” button to activate Threshold Sound Conditioning. You will hear a voice prompt letting you know your sound therapy has been activated. You should not easily hear your sound therapy (if at all).

  • We recommend using the sound therapy for 60 minutes a day for best results, but some use is better than none
  • You do not need to “actively” listen to the frequencies to receive the benefits
  • You can use the sound therapy while doing other activities like exercising, working and falling asleep

Retake Assessment Weekly

We strongly recommend retaking the assessment every week. However, if you hear the barely audible sound becoming louder, before the recommended weekly assessment, that’s a sign that your hearing has become more sensitive in picking out the sounds and it’s time to retake your assessment.

  • Must use with headphones
  • When taking assesment, do it in a very quiet room away from ambient noises
  • Always take assessment in a quiet room

Track Progress

Track your progress by selecting the Sound Therapy Progress tab. You can see which frequency ranges are being targeted and how they are progressing with consistent use.

Optional: Connect Music

Connect to different streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

  • Go to the settings tab and click on “Connect Music”
  • Sign in to your preferred service to import your playlists and songs into the AudioCardio app
  • Use the HD Sound feature for a personalized sound experience based on your hearing assessment