The Top Benefits of Using AudioCardio App

The Top Benefits of Using AudioCardio

AudioCardio is an evidence-based mobile app that assesses your hearing and generates a personalized sound therapy (inaudible) designed to maintain and strengthen your hearing. It is a once a day, one hour sound therapy that stimulates the cells inside your ear. It’s a passive solution that runs passively in the background while you do other activities and go about your day. Its underlying technology, Threshold Sound Conditioning (TSC) has been tested and validated at leading research institutions such as Stanford University, Samsung Medical Center and Palo Alto Medical Foundation.


How Does AudioCardio work?

AudioCardio works by providing a hearing assessment to identify damaged frequencies. AudioCardio is not a hearing test, but rather an assessment that is able to identify your cusp of sound or the barely audible level for various frequency ranges to generate a personalized sound therapy. By understanding the minimum volume level (threshold) where you can hear a particular sound that is played in the app, the AudioCardio sound therapy will target the most damaged frequency range by repeatedly playing those frequencies just below your cusp of sound to stimulate the damaged cells. This stimulation aims to help promote and support the cells’ ability to connect and send signals to the brain, thus supporting the auditory pathway. And by repeatedly stimulating these cells, AudioCardio hopes to help generate enough consistent stimulation to “activate” them and allow the brain to rewire itself to better transmit the electrical signals.


Help Recognize Familiar Sounds Again

The goal of AudioCardio is to lower your hearing thresholds over time, which would enable individuals with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss to potentially hear sounds at lower volume levels. As hearing thresholds go down over time, individuals should be able to notice familiar sounds that they were once able to hear. Individuals have reported being able to hear birds more clearly, the rustling of the leaves in the wind, or cars as they pass by on the street.


Communicate Better in Noisy Environments

Individuals’ ears should become more sensitive and familiar with the sounds as their hearing threshold decreases while using the app. As a result of this positive change, it should enable individuals to pick up and distinguish sounds in noisy environments. Thus, allowing them to communicate better in noisy environments like loud restaurants, bars and at family gatherings. These complex and noisy hearing environments are some of the most difficult for people, but this is where it is most needed, when communicating with friends and family.   


Stimulates Brain Activity

There has been a link between the loss of hearing, cognitive decline, and even dementia. There was a study done at Johns Hopkins University where they tracked 639 adults over a 12 year period. Their findings showed individuals with mild hearing loss doubled the risk of dementia, moderate hearing loss tripled the risk, and severe hearing impairments were five times more likely to develop dementia. AudioCardio aims to help with recognizing sounds again by stimulating the inner ear hair cells with a proprietary sound therapy. This stimulation can also help promote and support brain activity.


Relief from Ringing in the Ears

Sound therapy is one of the best-known treatments for relieving tinnitus. It involves the introduction of an external sound to help change the perception of the individual’s tinnitus. Tinnitus is typically a symptom of hearing loss and may indicate the individual’s hearing may not be as strong as it once was. AudioCardio’s underlying technology, TSC, is intended to strengthen an individual’s hearing and as a result, it may help with reducing the severity of tinnitus. Many of AudioCardio’s best customers are individuals who suffer from tonal tinnitus, or the type of tinnitus that has a specific pitch or tone. Sound Speech and Hearing Clinic in San Francisco recently conducted a survey with tinnitus patients who used AudioCardio and more than 84% confirmed that they had a positive and substantial effect with AudioCardio.


Improves Safety and Awareness

Something that we don’t realize as we get older and our hearing diminishes, is the loss of awareness that our hearing provides us. There are so many sounds that we as humans receive on a daily basis that help us dictate and function in our everyday lives. It could be as simple as the beeping from your alarm clock, the ring from a door bell, or even the honking from a car. Without these sounds to provide us with situational awareness, life becomes more difficult and can be very dangerous. By using AudioCardio to help with recognizing sounds, it may also help with maintaining situational awareness and your safety.


Improve Quality of Life

By being able to hear familiar sounds and communicate better, this may very well lead to better relationships with friends and family. Communication is important in all relationships and having the ability to communicate clearly puts less strain on them. Continuing to be social with friends and family as you age is critical for your quality of life. Better understanding of speech and being able to communicate better allows you to engage more socially, be less isolated and many experts believe this may help delay cognitive decline since you are constantly stimulating the brain and keeping it active.


Reduce the Risk of Secondary and Physical Health Issues

There are links of hearing loss to other disabling conditions such as, cognitive decline, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, clinical depression, and falling down for the elderly to name a few. These health conditions may coexist with hearing loss and are considered comorbidities. By using AudioCardio to help with your hearing health, it may help with other conditions and even reduce the risk of them later in life.


Enhance Hearing Aid Experience

Many individuals who use AudioCardio are hearing aid users and benefit from using the AudioCardio app. The app allows for you to use TSC technology at the same time as your hearing aids. By using the app, you are able to strengthen your hearing and improve the overall experience with hearing aids.

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