Partner Spotlight: SmashHaus

Musicians, entertainers and content creators help make the world so much more enjoyable. From creating simple jingles for ads that are etched into our minds to nostalgic songs, shows, and movies that can make us feel a wide array of emotions in an instant! 

These creators rely on their unique abilities and skill sets to create incredible experiences and content for audiences all over the world. Supporting these creators are vital to our creative existence. That’s why AudioCardio has partnered with SmashHaus to support the creators within their community by providing access to AudioCardio for their members.

SmashHaus directly connects music makers with media companies seeking music for Hollywood and beyond. SmahsHaus helps music makers deal directly with the client, removing middlemen and profit sharing so that creators can keep control over their music and careers. 

“There’s a lot of artists out there that that need better support. The people in our communities rely on their ears to not only create, but to survive and thrive!” – Dylan Berry, Founder

There are a lot of aspiring, current and former musicians in the AudioCardio community and we are excited to connect you with our friends at SmashHaus. 

Together, we are changing the way creators manage their hearing health and livelihood.

Learn more about SmashHaus and how you can engage in new creative opportunities while taking control of your career.

Video: How SmashHaus Works

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