SeniorNet New Zealand x AudioCardio

SeniorNet New Zealand through SeniorHangouts had invited Chris Ellis, the CEO of AudioCardio, to present a session on auditory well being for our members who are typically 65+.

Thanks to their 14 day free trial and tailored discounted pricing for Seniors of SeniorNet, many could take advantage of testing it. I am someone who doesn’t trust anything without trying it first hand. So, I tried it for a month’s time. 

The signing up process was very smooth and easy. Further, I loved the initial assessment of where the hearing stand as on date. During the initial assessment of the application I realized that my right ear wasn’t at its best and I was heavily relying on the left ear for the hearing. This was due to the fact that I often drove right handed car with windows down, which my right ear was subjected to heavy gushing of air. Because of my left ear working well, this fact that my right ear was slowly losing on its capabilities, never came to the surface, I never realized it. Thanks to the assessment of AudioCardio I could discover this anomaly. 

Over a month’s time with repeated training with the app, I could improve the losses and soon got my right ear matching up to the left ear hearing capabilities and further improved my overall health of hearing. My hearing score improved from 57.2 to 84.6 in a month’s time. I also liked the feature of reminders sent out by the app if you miss out the training that day, that keeps you disciplined while you could easily miss a training session owing to busy schedules.

With this great experience, I strongly recommend everyone and especially seniors in the age group of 65+ to try this wonderful product and keep their well being of ears at a high level.

SeniorNet learning centres offers free help to discover and to use the AudioCardio app for any senior who purchases the subscription through SeniorNet. Visit our learning centres today and inquire about getting the AudioCardio app for a discounted price or