Partner Spotlight: EarPeace

Protecting and managing your hearing health before you notice a problem is one of the best ways to maintain your abilities and prevent more serious hearing related issues later in life. Our mission at AudioCardio is to help individuals get better access to care and provide a cost effective solution. 

Over the last few years, hearing loss has become a global concern, and rightfully so. In a world full of personal listening devices and headphones, noise-induced hearing loss has increased exponentially. As a matter of fact, the number of people suffering from hearing loss is estimated to double to almost 1 billion people in the next 30 years. It will require a unified effort to meaningfully change the way people think about and care for their hearing health. 

To truly change how people consider their hearing health, collaboration & innovation among industry leaders is key to better outcomes. That’s why we’re excited to partner with EarPeace, an innovative company that has been providing comfortable and effective hearing protection products since 2008. EarPeace develops products that range from hearing protection for music events, ear plugs for sleeping, and specialized hearing protection for motorcyclists.

EarPeace’s customer testimonials speak for themselves!

“I have tinnitus from serving in the USAF. Thanks to these ear plugs, I can protect my hearing from getting any worse. EarPeace to the rescue!” -Robert S.

“EarPeace ear plugs are life savers. They block the loud amps at practice and on stage but still allow me to hear when someone talks to me. I wish I had found these years ago. If I had, maybe my hearing loss would not have happened. They work in any loud environment. I have them in my pocket at all times just in case.” -Luther K.

“I suffer from Tinnitus and these ear plugs help me a lot when I have to do things around the house like vacuuming, blowing my hair, cutting the lawn, etc. They are comfortable, easy to clean and I love the carrying case.” -Vanda O.

We are excited to connect the AudioCardio community with our friends at EarPeace. Together, we are changing the way people think about and manage their hearing health.

Learn more about EarPeace and how you can use their products with AudioCardio to better manage your hearing health.