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6 Early Signs of Mild Hearing Loss That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Have you been thinking lately that you may not be hearing things correctly? Or maybe you haven’t even noticed someone was trying to talk to you because you didn’t hear them?

If that sounds like you, you may be suffering from mild hearing loss. You’d be one of eight people over the age of 12 with hearing loss in at least one ear in the United States.

So what are the signs? Read on to learn more about whether or not you may be having hearing problems.


1. Friends and Family Say the TV is Too Loud

Have you ever been watching TV with friends or family when they tell you to turn it down? Are you unable to hear it well enough if you turn it down?

If that’s the case, you may have some hearing difficulties.


2. Having People Repeat Themselves

In conversations with others, it can be normal to have them repeat themselves every once in a while. But doing it often or in every conversation can be a little concerning.

If you catch yourself saying, “What?” or “What’d you say, again?” you may need to be checked for hearing issues – to see if you could be helped with potential hearing solutions.


3. Constantly Feeling Like Others Mumble

Some people tend to speak at lower volumes than we are used to. And when that happens, we may blame them for mumbling. While they may be speaking lower, if you notice yourself thinking everyone around you mumbles often, you may have hearing problems.


4. Speaking Loudly

If you’ve heard someone tell you once or twice that you are speaking a bit too loudly, and you didn’t notice, that may be because you are hard of hearing.

You tend to speak louder because you are trying to hear yourself talk, but can’t. It may be time to schedule a hearing appointment if you hear this from  those you are close to.


5. You Often Misunderstand Things

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you couldn’t believe someone just said something? For example, your friend is talking about the sky and says, “Look at the sky!” But you hear, “Look at her cry!”

That’s just one example of how you may be hearing things incorrectly because of hearing difficulties.


6. Difficulty Hearing Others Over the Phone

If you have maxed out your phone’s volume when talking on the phone, but still can’t hear, it is possible that you have hearing difficulties.

While sometimes this can be a fluke based on the connection or the phone you are using. If it happens often, more times than not you may be experiencing hearing loss.


These Signs May Show You That You Are Experiencing Mild Hearing Loss

If some or any of these signs apply to you, you may have mild hearing loss. After getting a hearing test, there are ways that could possibly help you hear better.

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