Sound Therapy

AudioCardio™ is a data and science backed sound therapy designed to protect and strengthen your hearing. It's like physical therapy for your hearing.

Our Technology Has Been Clinically Proven With:


How It Works

Our patented and clinically proven Threshold Sound Conditioning™ (TSC) technology generates personalized audio therapies to help stimulate and strengthen your cells. AudioCardio™ quickly assesses your hearing and delivers a once a day, one hour hearing therapy for your ears.

  • Our hearing works by processing sound waves traveling through the air.
  • These frequencies are then sent as nerve signals to the brain. The brain recognizes these signals as sounds.
  • TSC™ technology detects the key frequencies that have lost sensitivity (commonly due to noise exposure and aging) and exercises them with personalized sound signals.

Progress Tracking

AudioCardio let’s you track your hearing assessment levels so you can track the progress you’ve made over time.

  • Hearing assessment tracking
  • In the progress report, you can check which frequencies are being worked on and how they are improving over the weeks
  • Daily use and session tracking

Sound Therapy
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Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks while receiving the benefits of our sound therapy. Learn how by clicking here.

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